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 June 2014 Flood Insurance Manual Changes 

Welcome to the June 2014 Manual Changes. The NFIP Flood Insurance Manual undergoes revisions each spring and fall. This four-part video series outlines the major changes effective June 1. The series begins with Part 1, Other Residential Building Limits, below. Click the play button to start at the beginning, or choose a section from the menu at right.

Part 1: Other Residential Building Limits

Explores the increase in building coverage limits for “other residential” buildings, including how and when policyholders can increase their current coverage limits. It also highlights how the 30-day waiting period applies.

  Part 2: Primary Residence Definition  

Part 1

[1] Other Residential
Building Limits

Part 2

[2] Primary Residence Definition

Part 3

[3] Revised Minimum Deductibles

Part 4

[4] Miscellaneous Topics

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