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FEMA Mapping Changes

This course discusses the impact of NFIP Map Changes on rating and eligibility for coverage. As a result of initiatives such as FEMA Map Modernization and FEMA Risk MAP, communities throughout the country have been experiencing flood map changes.

FEMA Mapping Changes provides a practical look at how map changes can affect flood insurance policyholders in their roles as insureds and borrowers.

Find out how to ease the transition to new flood maps. Learn how to better service clients by understanding how mapping changes affect rates, premiums, and the mandatory purchase of flood insurance.

Know how to best help your clients both before and after map changes.


pdf Course Handouts:
FEMA Mapping Changes Presentation
FEMA Map Information Exchange Fact Sheet
NFIP Flood Insurance Manual 
NFIP Grandfathering Rules for Agents
HFIAA Fact Sheet
The New FEMA Flood Map Service Center Fact Sheet
On Demand Learning Course List
How to Find Your FIRM and Make a FIRMette
April 2015 Changes to the NFIP (Video Series)
Newly Mapped Procedure
W-15017 – Updated Guidance Regarding Primary Residence Status
W-15016 – November 1, 2015 Program Changes


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