Primary Audience: Agents and Lenders

The popular FEMA Mapping Changes course is available online as a recorded webinar for viewing anytime. There are five parts which can be viewed in any order. The course includes changes brought about by the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.


This course covers the impact of NFIP Map Changes on rating and eligibility for coverage. As a result of initiatives such as FEMA Map Modernization and FEMA Risk MAP, communities throughout the country have been experiencing flood map changes over the past few years — and there are more still to come!

Learn how to better service insureds and borrowers by understanding how mapping changes affect rates, premiums, and the mandatory purchase of flood insurance.

Know how to best help your clients both before and after map changes.



Course Handouts

Please download and review the course materials prior to the webinar.

Webinar Slides | How to Make a FIRMette | FIRMette Tutorial | Map Changes Webinar Fact Sheet | Historic Maps | Zone Discrepancies Reference | Grandfathering | PRP



Section 1: Evolution of Flood Mapping
Explores how flood mapping has advanced from rudimentary flood hazard boundary maps to today's digital flood insurance rate maps. Briefly reviews the significance of initiatives such as Map Modernization and Risk MAP.

Section 2: Process of Flood Mapping
Describes the key steps in the re-mapping cycle. Reviews the steps in the process of revising a flood map that involve both FEMA and the community.

View Sections 1-2
(6:31 minutes)


Section 3: Resources for Finding Flood Maps
Begins by discussing flood zones and flood risk, then demonstrates locating flood maps using tools at FEMA's Map Service Center and FloodSmart.gov and through the Community Status Book.

View Section 3
(13:15 minutes)


Section 4: Benefits of Updated Flood Maps
Discusses the value of updated maps to property owners in evaluating their flood risk. Briefly reviews examples of older, paper flood maps and the new generation of digital maps.

Section 5: Impacts of Mapping Changes
Explains that map changes move properties both in and out of the floodplain along with how property owners can respond to those impacts. Use of the Preferred Risk Policy is explored.

View Sections 4-5
(5:44 minutes)


Section 6: Implementation Issues for Agents & Lenders
Compares and contrasts the issues that insurance agents and lenders encounter in the marketplace when flood maps are revised, including Grandfathered rating, the PRP eligibility extension and flood zone discrepancies.

View Section 6
(11:39 minutes)


Section 7: Challenges to Flood Maps
Recounts the reasons flood maps are challenged and explores remedies and methodologies used in those disputes. This section examines tools such as the Letter of Determination Review, Letters of Map Change and Summary of Map Actions.

View Section 7
(12:15 minutes)



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