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Hazard Mitigation Planning

Hazard MitigationH2O has successfully developed Hazard Mitigation Plans and Plan Updates covering over 650 jurisdictions.

Our plans utilize scientific models to analyze risks from the full range of natural, technological and man-made hazards and recommend actions to mitigate future damage.

H2O-developed plans have met all State and Federal Requirements as set forth in 44 CFR Parts 201 and 206.  To accompany plans, H2O developed a Guide to Funding and Technical Assistance Programs that Support Hazard Mitigation. This Guide identifies and describes over 90 Federal and State grant and technical assistance programs that can be used to implement hazard mitigation plans.

Based primarily on experience in developing mitigation plans and in recognizing the need for greater consistency and efficiency across the board, H2O is working on the development of a web-based mitigation tool to help communities foster strong relationships with stakeholders and streamline the planning and grant development process.  H2O recognizes current issues with local officials, states and FEMA, and seeks to create a more effective process to develop consistent goals among all groups.

Example Projects:

  1. Hazard Mitigation Plan and Plan Update for the City of Austin, Texas (2002-2004 and 2009-2011): H2O developed the City of Austin’s first mitigation plan, approved in 2004, and was hired again in 2009 to develop the update to the plan.  A broad stakeholder base was involved in the update including the area hospitals, schools and university.  FEMA approved the Plan Update upon first review.
  2. Hazard Mitigation Plan and Plan Update for Jackson County, Texas (2003-2004 and 2011): H2O completed the initial plan for Jackson County in 2004.  In 2011 H2O was recommended by the Texas Division of Emergency Management to complete an update for the County on an expedited timeline. H2O completed a draft in just three months and obtained FEMA approval in seven months.
  3. Hazard Mitigation Plan and Plan Update for the Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition (TCRFC) and Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), (2002-2004 and 2008-2011): H2O completed the initial plan for the TCRFC and LCRA, and began the update process at the end of 2008 after developing a successful grant application for the TCRFC. The Plan Update included 61 jurisdictions and was the first multi-jurisdictional Plan Update to be approved for the State of Texas.