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Outreach and Training

H2O Partners has been at the forefront of providing outreach for national and regional groups in addition to providing Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

H2O’s instructional designers and trainers have over 65 years of combined formal training, rapid response internal and external training, and instructional systems design and development experience, including online and web-based training courses.

Through concerted efforts, H2O provides outreach and training on improved mapping and regulation, floodplain management regulations, natural hazard damage reduction activities, and flood risk.

Example Projects:

  1. NFIP Training (2008-Present)
    Since 2008, H2O has provided nationwide flood insurance training to agents, lenders and adjusters under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Under this initiative, H2O has expanded their staff of subject matter experts, experienced trainers and claims adjusters. H2O has developed a cadre of 300 insurance adjusters throughout the United States that are adept at handling and reviewing catastrophic claims.  H2O has now been selected as a prime contractor by the NFIP. Underpinning H2O’s training effort are experts in adult learning and curriculum development – instructional designers, content developers, and information designers – who have sensitivity to adult learning needs and ensure that instructional materials and tools are of the highest quality to achieve learning objectives. For more information about NFIP training, including current schedules and workshops, please click here.
  2. FEMA Risk MAP Outreach (2010-2011)Levee Outreach
    H2O was selected as a subcontractor to provide support to the RAMPP team for Risk MAP. This work included providing coastal outreach regarding flood insurance and Stafford Act compliance to communities in FEMA Region VI and developing a levee safety outreach program for children as part of the National Levee Outreach Strategy Project.
  3. NFIP 101 and Community Assistance Visits (CAV) (2006-2007)
    H2O conducted a series of 8-hour “NFIP 101″ courses throughout Texas for the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality in support of the agency’s mission of promoting NFIP implementation. Attendees at the accredited sessions included city and county engineers, local officials (including floodplain managers), Department of Transportation staff, public works staff, emergency managers and insurance agents.  Training was provided to communities about FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS), which is an incentive-based program to encourage improved floodplain management and mitigation of flood risks. H2O developed a survey for communities which was implemented in the course of conducting some 75 community visits and inspecting construction in and out of the FEMA-mapped Special Flood Hazard Areas.